Quickstart with Add-in for Excel 365

The Jedox Add-in for Excel 365 provides you and the rest of your company's planners access to the Jedox Enterprise Performance Management platform from your familiar Excel 365 desktop and browser application (Windows, macOS, or browser).

The Add-in for Excel 365 allows you to read and analyze data from your Jedox instance and store values and comments to the Jedox In-Memory Database while using Excel 365 desktop or browser, without requiring a local installation, simplifying deployment and access to the latest features.

The Add-in for Excel 365 is compatible with all supported Jedox Cloud versions and is not available for Jedox on-premises installations.

Supported platforms:

  • Excel 2019 or later on Mac
  • Excel on Mac (Microsoft 365)
  • Excel on Windows (Microsoft 365)
  • Excel on the web

Note that the add-in is not compatible with macOS version 13.4 or earlier. We recommend using the latest versions of macOS and Microsoft 365 to ensure compatibility and best performance.

Installing Jedox Add-in for Excel 365

To install the Add-in for Excel 365, either a demo or a subscription for Microsoft 365 is required.

Once you have valid access to Jedox Cloud and Microsoft 365, there are three ways to get the add-in:

  1. From the Microsoft AppSource.

When you get it, click on the Continue button on the pop-up window, and then click on the Open in Excel button.

  1. Via the Get Add-ins option, located within the Insert tab in Excel.

  1. Via Centralized Deployment, if access to the store has been disabled by your organization. With this option, administrators can deploy the add-in to specific users, groups, or even the entire organization in less than 24 hours. The add-in will be available on any Excel platform you log in to (desktop, macOS, and browser). Note that it is not possible to centralize the connections management.

After successfully installing the Jedox Add-in for Excel 365, the "Jedox Add-in" tab will be displayed within the Excel ribbon

Getting started

Double-click on Connections> Connect to open the get started task pane and the login dialog to create a connection.

Open the Connection Manager to add, edit, or delete a connection.

For the Address, enter the server URL of your Jedox cloud instance, e.g. https://<cloud-id>.cloud.jedox.com. To simplify the connection setup, the prefix https:// is added by default, and the connection name is automatically synced from the URL address.

You can either connect with username and password, or via the single sign-on (SSO) option.

If you establish a connection using username and password, the session will remain active for up to one hour. As soon as you close the browser or the session expires, you will have to re-enter your login details.

To log in using SSO, the following is required:

  1. Enable SAML on your Jedox Cloud.

  2. Include the add-in authorization endpoint URL (https://xladdin-prod.cloud.jedox.com/api/auth) to the redirect URLs in your tenant settings.

If you are unable to connect using SSO, contact your Jedox administrator to verify whether the above requirements are met.

Once the connection is established, you are ready to start using the Add-in for Excel 365.


  • The Jedox Add-in for Excel 365 is not available on Excel Mobile App.
  • Add-in for Excel 365 updates will be automatically deployed by Excel to all users whenever a newer version is released.

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Updated June 13, 2024