User Settings Dialog in Jedox Web

The User Settings dialog provides options for the appearance and navigational structure of Jedox Web. The dialog is accessed through the User Settings icon on the left side:

Note: changes in this dialog take effect after a new login by the same user.

General Panel

On this panel, you can do the following:

  • Set the language.
  • Select which toolbar is displayed: ribbon (text with icons) or simple ribbon style (small icons only).
    Note: The simple ribbon is the default toolbar.
  • Set the default folders for Reports and Designer.
    Note: If user settings are specified here, they override any group settings. In this case, a chosen default homepage will not be loaded.

Start Page Panel

On this panel, you can set the displayed tiles on the Jedox start screen and clear the displayed lists:

Account Panel

On this panel, you can see your account details and change your password (note: SAML users are unable to change their own password in User Settings. With the required rights level, this can be done in the Administration area).

Furthermore, you can select whether you want Jedox Web to automatically check for updates.

Jedox Online

On this panel, you can enter your Customer Portal credentials. This allows you to connect to the Jedox Support Portal directly from Jedox Web, by clicking the button above the logout button.

Updated February 17, 2022