Jedox Cloud Sizing Guide

Jedox Cloud provides a Jedox platform running in a fully managed, cloud-native, scalable, high-performance environment with enough computing, storage, and network resources to support your business demands. Users require only a desktop or mobile device with fast internet access and a web browser that supports Jedox software.

Jedox Cloud is operated inside Microsoft Azure and is scaled to different numbers of users. Below are recommendations based on (but not limited to) the number of users within the environment:

For Jedox Business & Professional Packages S M L Performance
Number of Users 10-50 51-100 101-200 201+
vCPUs 8 16 32 64
RAM 64GB 128GB 256GB 432GB
Storage Up to 512GB
Snapshot storage Up to 512GB

For computing and memory-optimized workloads on Microsoft Azure, Jedox Cloud uses AMD's EPYCTM-based CPUs.

Note: exact hardware details may be subject to regional availability of Azure infrastructure services. The focus of Jedox’s provisioning practice is to deliver reliable, premium-quality service with fast application response times, and we cannot guarantee a particular hardware configuration.

Updated November 25, 2022