General Guidelines for Updating On-Premises Installations

We recommend using the current version of Jedox. However, depending on the version you are currently using, it may not be advised to upgrade directly to the current Jedox version.

Upgrades must be done in the following order:

From Jedox version... Jedox version
5.1 SR5 6.0 SR3
6.0 SR3 7.0 SR2
7.0 SR2 7.1
7.1 2018.1
2018.1 2018.4
2018.4 2019.4
2019.4 2020.1
2020.1 2020.4
2020.4 2021.1

Note: please also check the software and hardware requirements. Databases that have been loaded in Jedox version 2020.3 cannot be loaded in version 2020.2 or earlier.

Before you begin

  • Create a backup of your Jedox data (spreadsheets, reports, and DBs).
  • You must have administrator rights to install Jedox software in Windows or root rights to install and start Jedox on Linux.
  • We recommend performing the update on a test system and checking it with appropriate plausibility tests before running it in a production environment.

For currently supported Jedox versions, see Support Lifecycle.

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Updated June 8, 2021