Known Issues in Jedox 2022.1

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Updated March 15, 2023

Open issues

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Component ID Description
Excel Add-in 44557 In Excel for Office 365, pasting a subset into a single cell and then expanding it over a range of cells as an array doesn't work due to a recent change in Excel functionality, which inserts an @ into formulas. Workaround: after expanding the cell range, remove the @ operator manually from the formula and press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER.
Excel Add-in 53288 On displays using scaling factors other than 100%, pasted Views which set a non-default row-height through the View theme or an element format are not always displayed correctly.
Integrator 53832 When drillthrough to an Integrator source is executed in Jedox 21.3 or newer on a cube cell that currently returns an empty value (from the cell itself, or a rule), the drillthrough result is empty, even if the drillthrough source contains data.
Jedox Mobile 45511 If zooming is disabled in the first report opened in the Jedox Plan and Forecast mobile app, all subsequently opened reports will also have zooming disabled.
Jedox Mobile 41728 Web reports do not scale down properly on Android devices.
Jedox Mobile 42066 When tapping the "Clear cache" button in Settings, there is no visual feedback to indicate that the cache was cleared.
Jedox Mobile 43584 The "Download" icon for PDF documents is not correctly shown on IPad devices.
Jedox Web 18919 The database access rights from cube #_GROUP_DATABASE_DATA are not yet fully utilized in Jedox Web.
Jedox Web 27957 Web spreadsheet size increases after inserting cells in specific scenarios.
Jedox Web 39215 When setting a minimum + maximum value for the horizontal Axis scaling in the "Vertical Waterfall" Success Chart, the chart is not rendered correctly.
Jedox Web 39385 When axis labels in charts are wrapped to multiple lines, they appear in PDFs as a single line and partially overlap.
Jedox Web 41192 Enabling Designer Preview on a workbook with DynaRanges or the preview option in Paste View logs a false-positive workbook load message in the log file of Spreadsheet Server.
Jedox Web 41651 When exporting and importing an XLSX file containing a bubble chart, the chart does not display properly due to incorrect interpretation of the data source. Workaround: after an XLSX import, set the data source again.
Jedox Web 42197 In languages Finish, Danish and Turkish, a Checkbox in a Web Spreadsheet which is linked to an @variable does not initialize the its value correctly when a report is opened.
Jedox Web 42321 The Undo functionality does not work properly after switching between the elements of a ComboBox.
Jedox Web 42336 In some scenarios, Dynamic styles are incorrectly displayed in a report with unlocked cells.
Jedox Web 42662 Using ad hoc calculations for the Header dimensions of a View doesn't work correctly when a stored subset is set for the dimension.
Jedox Web 43525 In the navigation tree in Jedox Web Designer, files cannot be dragged and dropped into the parent folder of their current location.
Jedox Web 43539 For Button form elements in Web spreadsheets, the "No color" option in color picker does not work as expected.
Jedox Web 16837 When using a recursive named range (i.e. named range that refers to itself), Spreadsheet Server can become unstable.
Jedox Web 33373 When a user belongs to multiple groups with different access rights to Folders in Report Hierarchies, the user rights are not correctly applied after setting them the first time. Workaround: when re-setting the user right, it is correctly stored.
Jedox Web 36657 When copying a cell containing a Data Validation and pasting it on a different sheet, the Data Validation does not work correctly.
Jedox Web 49676 When using a List with formula expressions in a Jedox View, changing elements in the View POV section doesn't work correctly in Jedox 21.2.
Jedox Web 49949 When using vertical merged cells, the ight of the merged cell is sometimes displayed incorrectly inside of a Canvas.
Jedox Web 50051 In 21.2, when changing the selection in a Combobox on which data for a chart in a Canvas sheet depends, the Chart is not always updated correctly.
Jedox Web 50220 When using PHP7 for the Jedox Web Macro Engine, Macros attached to Comboboxes aren't working correctly in Jedox Web 21.3.
Jedox Web 50288 When using a display scale factor, or browser zoom, which is not equivalent to 100%, reports using colored cell backgrounds over ranges of cells sometimes show visible white lines even if no cell borders are defined. Workaround: adjust the display scaling / browser zooming.
Jedox Web 50630 Pasting a view from cubes which contain an double-quote character in the cube name fails in Jedox 21.1.
Jedox Web 50996 If a View is created using the "DATAX" function, the function of the View cannot be properly changed when used in Jedox Web.
Jedox Web 51962 When sorting a Jedox View by data in a column, the icon to indicate sorting next to the element name is not shown in Jedox Web.
Jedox Web 52211 When using the "Cyclic list" option in a stored subset, this option is not retained when later editing the stored subset.
Jedox Web 52454 When starting to edit a cell value in a Web spreadsheet by using a non-latin character, this character is not entered correctly.
Jedox Web 52662 When using Safari browser, copying multiple cells from Excel and pasting them in a Jedox Web report doesn't always work as expected.
Jedox Web 52726 When a View uses Zero Suppression, and a List is placed in the View, opening an element picker for one of the Views dimensions in the POV area leads to an error message.
Jedox Web 53060 Sorting a View alphabetically or by attribute doesn't work correctly if the View is shown inside of a Canvas.
Jedox Web 53177 For users with restricted access to elements in a dimension, the expand / collapse operation in modeler doesn't always work correctly on that dimension.
Jedox Web 53400 In a frameset, an Action defined on the "Close" event for one of the Frameset's workbooks will execute only if the mouse cursor was last position in the frame where the event is defined in Jedox Web 22.1.
Jedox Web 53968 The navigation breadcrumb in Jedox Web does not show the correct folder path for a homepage report initially.
Jedox Web 43883 Disabling the mail notifications on Scheduler Tasks which were created in Jedox version prior to 2019.* doesn't always work correctly.
Jedox Web 44618 When rebuilding a View in a Web Spreadsheet, a DynaRange in the same sheet cannot be removed.
Jedox Web 44633 After renaming an Integrator project, a file with the old name remains in the recent file list. Clicking on the file leads to a FlowGraph error.
Jedox Web 45107 When removing a dimension from a cube, existing Views on this cube do not show correct result directly. Workaround: open the "Edit View" dialog for this view, and paste it again.
Jedox Web 46267 Using the "Upload" action to upload .wss files doesn't work correctly.
Jedox Web 46433 When uploading a file on a dimension in Modeler, changing the level assignment of an attribute doesn't work correctly on the first attempt.
Jedox Web 46877 When setting a style class on an unlocked spreadsheet cell in Jedox Web, the icon indicating the unlocked state in reports mode is not shown anymore.
Jedox Web 46985 When importing a file via the context menu on a root folder in Jedox Web Designer, and a file with the same name exists, the handling for replacing the existing file is not correct.
Jedox Web 47785 Expanding a Paste View of dimensions with attribute names in Designer uses the element name instead of the attribute name.
Jedox Web 48959 When selecting multiple elements in Modeler and trying to change the parent element for the selected elements, the new parent cannot always be selected correctly in the dropdown in Jedox Web 21.2.
Jedox Web 49265 Creating rules for elements with a single quote character in the element name doesn't work correctly in Jedox Web.
Jedox Web 49484 When a Canvas is used inside of a model which is installed in a namespace, the Canvas content is not fetched correctly.
Supervision-Server 44317 If all workers are occupied AND "use-dimension-worker" is enabled, workbooks cannot be created or opened in Designer and an error message ("Unable to load workbook") is thrown.

Fixed issues

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Component ID Description Status Fixed In
Excel Add-in 45797 Resolving variables in a subset doesn't work correctly if the connection names used in Jedox Excel Add-In and Jedox Web don't are identical. Fixed 21.4.0
Excel Add-in 46529 When unsetting the "Show now" option, View data in Excel is sometimes regenerated incorrectly. Fixed 20.3.2, 20.4.0
Excel Add-in 46576 Expanding elements in a View with the "Parents below children" option doesn't always work correctly in Excel Add-in. Fixed 20.3.2, 20.4.0
Excel Add-in 47039 On Windows Server OS with Office 365 Update 2008, several actions like recalculation of a view can lead to Excel Add-In becoming unstable. Solution is to update Office to Update 2009. Fixed 20.4.0
Excel Add-in 47741 When creating server connections in Excel Add-in, testing a connection is possible even if no username is set when using Jedox Authentication. Fixed 22.2.0
Excel Add-in 47877 When detaching a View which uses the "Analyze (Grid)" View theme, the result is not correct. Fixed 21.1.0
Excel Add-in 48064 In Jedox Excel Add-in 20.4, the connection timeout defined in the Add-in options dialog can incorrectly interrupt In-Memory DB calculations that exceed the timeout. Workaround: increase the value for Connection Timeout setting in the Options dialog. Fixed 21.2.0
Excel Add-in 49758 In Jedox 21.2, closing Excel can take longer than usual if the option "Clear cache when closing Excel" is enabled. Fixed 22.1.0
Excel Add-in 50181 Connecting to a Jedox server in Jedox Excel Add-in doesn't always work correctly if multiple active SAML connections exist. Fixed 20.4.9, 21.1.6, 21.2.3, 21.3.0
Excel Add-in 50310 In Excel Add-In when writing back to a PALO.DATA formula where coordinates are omitted, the writeback operation is executed against the default read element instead of the default write element when both default elements are defined in dimension properties. Fixed 21.3.0
Excel Add-in 50562 When defining an Undo Lock on a spreadsheet cell containing a PALO.DATA*() function where not all coordinates are explicitly specified as function arguments, the Lock isn't set on the correct cube area. Fixed 21.4.0
Excel Add-in 50631 Pasting a view from cubes which contain a double quote character in the cube name fails. Fixed 21.3.0
Excel Add-in 51392 When editing a Paste View with an element containing letters with umlaut (ä,ö,ü), these characters break and the element jumps to the top-level element. Fixed 21.1.13, 21.2.11, 21.3.3, 21.4.0
Excel Add-in 42343 In some scenarios, a Lost UI error message is displayed in the log. This error message has no impact on the performance. Fixed 21.2.0
In-Memory DB 46609 When using spreadsheets that contain a combination of PALO.DATA.AVG|CNT|MIN|MAX functions and PALO.EL functions, Jedox Excel Add-in or Jedox Web can become unstable. Fixed 20.3.1, 20.4.0
In-Memory DB 48477 When pasting a stored view, where the cube layout was changed after the view was stored and lists are used in the view, Jedox In-Memory DB can become unstable. Fixed 21.2.0
In-Memory DB 52416 The calculation of DFilter in a subset doesn't work correctly from Excel Add-in if one of the arguments for PALO.SUBCUBE refers to a spreadsheet cell containing a PALO.ESELECT function that displays an Alias. Fixed 21.3.3, 21.4.1, 22.1.0
In-Memory DB 50063 Access to some data in the User Properties cube in the System database incorrectly requires at least the role right "R" on the "password" right object. Fixed 21.3.0
In-Memory DB 50134 When omitting dimensions from a View by not adding them to the POV, rows, or columns of the view, direct cell writeback on the view doesn't work if no default write elements are specified for these dimensions. Fixed 21.3.0
In-Memory DB 50561 Pasting a view from cubes which contain an ampersand character in the cube name fails in Jedox 21.2. Fixed 21.2.3, 21.3.0
In-Memory DB 50988 Writeback using the "Reallocate" mode doesn't work correctly in scenarios where default dimension elements are defined in Jedox 21.3. Fixed 21.3.1, 21.3.3, 21.3.4, 21.4.0
In-Memory DB 51112 Changing the type of a dimension element in an In-Memory DB Script doesn't work correctly if the element was created in a previous command in the same script in Jedox 21.3. Fixed 21.2.4, 21.3.1, 21.4.0
In-Memory DB 51235 The "transfer" planning function doesn't work correctly when specifying elements from a Virtual Dimension in the input. Fixed 22.2.0
In-Memory DB 51331 Some rules are not calculated as expected when accessing data from Virtual Dimensions. This also affects the use of calculated members in the POV area of a View when selecting multiple elements. Fixed 22.1.0
In-Memory DB 51513 Some "bulk" operations, such as the deletion of a large number of elements in an Integrator job, take longer to complete if Virtual Dimensions are enabled. Fixed 21.4.3, 22.1.0
In-Memory DB 52006 If a cube uses Virtual Dimensions, the content of String cells is not shown correctly in Jedox Views. Fixed 22.1.0
In-Memory DB 53200 The string "nan" can be entered on numeric base cells in Jedox In-Memory DB cubes. Fixed 22.2.0
In-Memory DB 45164 The PALO.VIEW.TABLE function doesn't return Alias values if an Alias is defined for one of the dimensions in the View. Fixed 20.4.0
In-Memory DB 46731 When using additive splashing of a percentage value on an empty consolidated cell, the result is not correct in Jedox In-Memory DB 20.1. Fixed 20.1.R, 20.2.10, 20.3.1, 20.4.0
In-Memory DB 47101 When using the function =USERGROUPS() in a Web spreadsheet, a session-related warning is generated in the log file for the In-Memory DB once this report is loaded or recalculated. Fixed 20.4.0
In-Memory DB 47180 A change of the "rights" right object for an existing user role doesn't take effect until the In-Memory DB server is restarted. Fixed 20.4.0
In-Memory DB 47698 Changes to cube cells of type "string" made via regular Integrator Cube loads are incorrectly logged in the Audit dataset. Fixed 21.2.0
In-Memory DB 48000 Elements that are between two limits defined in Data Filter in a subset are not displaying values Fixed 20.3.4, 20.4.1, 21.1.0
In-Memory DB 48403 If a Cube rule returns a constant numeric value with 10 digits, the result of the calculation is not correct. Fixed 21.2.0
In-Memory DB 48509 The "zip-backup" configuration key in palo.ini is not correctly used when database backups are created. Fixed 21.2.0
In-Memory DB 49144 Access to data in databases where at least one element-specific format has been defined doesn't work for users whose user role has "N" access on the "user info" rights object in Jedox 21.1. Workaround: increase the role's right on the "user info" object to "R". Fixed 21.1.2, 21.2.0
Integrator 50339 On Integrator projects with an underscore character in the project name, Variables with the source "Settings" are not set correctly in Jedox 21.2. Fixed 21.2.5, 21.3.0
Integrator 50896 When using the "All output columns" option on a TableJoin, an error is raised in Jedox 21.2 if the joined tables contain columns with identical names. Fixed 21.2.9, 21.3.3, 21.4.0
Integrator 51166 Starting Integrator jobs from a project containing space characters via a Web spreadsheet Macro doesn't work correctly in Jedox 21.3. Workaround: use the soap-based version of the Integrator macro library instead of the default library. Fixed 21.3.2, 21.4.0
Integrator 51397 When using explicit caching in more than 5 sources (extracts or transforms) in 21.3 and the cached values are used in a Parallel or LoopParallel job, the execution of the job can fail. The error message indicates a premature closing of the internal connection: "The database has been closed". Fixed 21.3.8, 21.4.0
Integrator 52306 The lookup of Drillthrough data via Integrator does not work, if the character case of element names in the In-Memory database, and the Drillthrough source data is not identical. Fixed 22.1.0
Integrator 46308 Project validation and Flow Graphs are not always executed correctly when the connection status of a global Jedox connection changes. Fixed 20.4.0
Integrator 46312 When enabling the optional "Java Security Manager" configuration on Windows, the Jedox Suite Tomcat cannot be started correctly. Fixed 20.4.0
Integrator 46322 For some numeric values retrieved in extracts of type "Excel" the number format is incorrectly changed to scientific format in Jedox Integrator 20.2. Fixed 20.2.9, 20.3.2, 20.4.0
Integrator 46700 The sort order of elements in a dimension is not correct in all cases when using the load mode "insertParallel" in Jedox Integrator 20.2. Fixed 20.2.9, 20.3.1, 20.4.0
Integrator 46983 Sending e-mails as part of a job execution of type "Groovy" doesn't work correctly in Jedox Integrator 20.3. Fixed 20.3.3, 20.4.0
Integrator 47300 In Jedox Integrator 20.2, incoming values in exponential format with a decimal are not always correctly processed in Groovy scripts. Fixed 20.2.12, 20.3.7, 20.4.0
Integrator 47490 On Windows installations of Jedox Integrator 20.3, R-Script transforms cannot be executed correctly. Fixed 20.3.10, 20.4.0
Integrator 47543 In Dimension loads using the mode "InsertParallel", if a child element already had multiple parents before the Dimension load, in Jedox Integrator 20.3 the new consolidations of the source data have precedence over the existing consolidations in the dimension. Fixed 20.3.10, 20.3.11, 20.4.1, 21.1.0
Integrator 47572 When using caching in extracts in parallel job executions, the result is not always consistent. Fixed 20.3.9, 20.4.2, 20.4.0
Integrator 47573 In Jedox Integrator 20.3, connections to Access databases don't work if the database contains tables with date/time columns. Fixed 20.4.0
Integrator 47608 Decimal values smaller than 1 that do not have a leading 0 before the decimal separator are not handled correctly in Jedox Integrator 20.2. Fixed 20.2.14, 20.3.10, 20.4.0
Integrator 48433 In Jedox Integrator, numeric values which have trailing whitespaces in a data source (e.g. a csv file) are not correctly handled, leading to an error message regarding failed value conversion. Fixed 21.3.0
Integrator 48427 In Integrator TreeFH transforms in version 20.4, if an element occurs on multiple levels, a warning message is incorrectly raised. Fixed 20.4.5, 21.1.0
Integrator 49599 When opening the "Drillthrough" section for a cube without Drillthrough data in Modeler, an error is shown. Fixed 21.1.4, 21.2.0
Jedox Mobile 47889 When enabling the "secure cookies" configuration in Jedox Web, communication of the Jedox Plan and Forecast app with the Jedox server doesn't work correctly. Fixed 21.4.0
Jedox Web 21902 If the data source for a chart is dynamic (e.g. based on @variables), the chart may not initialize with correct settings and formatting in all cases. Workaround: manually define the options for data structure in "Source Data" dialog. Fixed 21.4.0
Jedox Web 28985 Loading of large, highly nested dimensions sometimes takes too long in Jedox Web Modeler. Fixed 21.1.0
Jedox Web 39444 PDF Export of Widgets in web spreadsheet doesn't always work correctly if Jedox Web is accessed via TLS Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 40061 Images added via the "Insert Picture" dialog are not showing when opening the "Print Preview" / HTML export. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 40273 The dialog for defining a Group Homepage doesn't display scrollbars correctly. Fixed 21.2.0
Jedox Web 40834 In the Subset Editor's Hierarchy tab, the Siblings option in a Cyclic list does not remain selected after saving the subset. Fixed 21.1.0
Jedox Web 41135 Searching in a nested dimension in Modeler causes the following OLAP error: "Error while loading elements". Fixed 21.1.0
Jedox Web 41494 Exporting rules which were created using the "KPI Calculation" business logic doesn't work correctly in Jedox Web Modeler. Fixed 21.2.0
Jedox Web 41800 The Large Subset checkbox becomes deselected when switching from Formula to Subset and from Formula to ODBC query. Fixed 21.2.0
Jedox Web 42293 Warning messages are logged in the Scheduler server log after installing a model from the Jedox Marketplace and executing a task in the Scheduler. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 42296 Importing a workbook that has the same name as an existing one via drag and drop takes a long time if you opt out of replacing the existing document. Fixed 21.2.0
Jedox Web 42322 Using a comma character in the name of a stored subset can cause issues when trying to detach a view that uses this subset. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 42866 In the UI for Jedox Integrator, when the browser is resized to a smaller size, some tabs overlap and the FlowGraph pane overlaps the Settings Panel. Fixed 21.3.0
Jedox Web 43297 When uploading a file in Jedox Web Designer, which uses the same name as an existing file but a different character case for the file extension, a duplicate file is created. Fixed 21.3.0
Jedox Web 43600 In Jedox Web Designer, when dimensions of the file selector are larger than the file thumbnail icon, the keyboard delete function does not work. Fixed 21.4.0
Jedox Web 35665 In Jedox Web, creating a "hold" on Views with hidden header dimension(s) fails with an error message. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 49676 When using a List with formula expressions in a Jedox View, changing elements in the View POV section doesn't work correctly in Jedox 21.2. Fixed 22.2.0
Jedox Web 49786 In Jedox Web, Model Settings of type "password" are not stored correctly when editing their value. Fixed 21.1.10, 21.2.0
Jedox Web 49789 When trying to change properties of a Chart for which data (rows or columns) was previously deleted from its source range, Jedox Web UI doesn't function correctly anymore. Fixed 21.4.0
Jedox Web 49813 The function CELL() doesn't return the correct result, if another formula is used for its second argument. Fixed 21.4.0
Jedox Web 49869 In Jedox 21.2, on Canvas sheets, usage of content from a source worksheet which uses non-alphabetic characters in the sheet name doesn't work correctly. Workaround: rename the source worksheet. Fixed 21.3.0
Jedox Web 49963 If Autosave files are generated on Web reports for users which have special characters such as "@" in their username, the autosave files can later not be selected correctly. Fixed 21.2.2, 21.4.0
Jedox Web 49963 If Autosave files are generated on Web reports for users which have special characters such as "@" in their username, the autosave files can later not be selected correctly. Fixed 21.1.13, 21.2.13, 21.3.4, 21.4.0
Jedox Web 49992 In Jedox 21.2, when closing an empty Canvas sheet, interaction with the UI becomes unstable. Fixed 21.2.1, 21.3.0
Jedox Web 50075 Transferring values via the HPYERLINK() function to a different worksheet doesn't work properly in Jedox Web 21.2. Fixed 21.2.4, 21.3.0
Jedox Web 50077 In Jedox 21.2, during execution of Integrator jobs, the Execution Monitor doesn't show the correct relationship between jobs correctly in all cases. Fixed 21.2.3, 21.3.0
Jedox Web 50086 Editing a subset which uses a variable for the connection/database parameter doesn't work correctly in the Subset Editor in Jedox Web 21.2. Fixed 21.2.3, 21.3.0
Jedox Web 50174 Loading Web reports from 21.2 Jedox environments doesn't work properly in the Jedox Plan and Forecast mobile application. Fixed 21.2.1, 21.3.0
Jedox Web 50175 When adding an empty frame object to a Canvas, the prompt to save changes isn't shown when closing the workbook tab. Fixed 21.4.5, 22.1.0
Jedox Web 50275 When searching in a combobox in a Web report, no horizontal scroll bar is shown for longer result strings. Fixed 22.1.0
Jedox Web 50432 If an error occurs while submitting a request to Jedox Support in the Jedox Web contact form, this error is not always handled correctly, leading to the dialog not being usable anymore. Fixed 21.2.5, 21.3.0
Jedox Web 50436 If a component in an Integrator project has a lot of dependencies, using the "Copy with dependencies" function for such a component doesn't always work correctly. Fixed 22.3.0
Jedox Web 50693 In Jedox 21.2, assigning a variable for the attribute table in AFilter subset doesn't work correctly when saving the subset as a global subset. Fixed 21.2.5, 21.3.0
Jedox Web 50713 Defining subjobs in a LoopParallel job doesn't work correctly in Jedox Integrator UI. Fixed 21.3.0
Jedox Web 50948 After defining a filter on the outer dimension of a Jedox View which uses multiple dimensions in rows, expanding on an inner dimension doesn't work correctly. Fixed 21.4.0
Jedox Web 51423 The display of values in charts exported from Jedox Web in an XLSX file is not correct if a number format with units is used. Fixed 21.4.0
Jedox Web 51573 Opening the "Select Element" dialog on an PALO.ESELECT formula for the #_GROUP_ dimension doesn't work correctly in Jedox 21.3. Fixed 21.3.3, 21.4.0
Jedox Web 51689 Interacting with a Combobox in a Canvas report from the Jedox Mobile app doesn't work as expected. Fixed 21.2.2, 21.3.2, 22.1.0
Jedox Web 51689 Interacting with a Combobox in a Canvas report from the Jedox Mobile app doesn't work as expected. Fixed 21.2.13, 21.3.6, 21.4.1, 22.1.0
Jedox Web 51780 Searching for an element in a dimension in Modeler doesn't work if the element name contains a slash character. Fixed 21.4.8, 22.1.0
Jedox Web 51962 When sorting a Jedox View by data in a column, the icon to indicate sorting next to the element name is not shown in Jedox Web. Fixed 22.2.0
Jedox Web 51990 Starting a Scheduler Task via a Macro in a Jedox Web report doesn't work correctly. Workaround: use the "Scheduler" Action on the form element to start the task instead. Fixed 22.3.0
Jedox Web 52080 Passing values larger than 2147483647 to an Integrator Action via a parameter doesn't work correctly. Fixed 22.2.0
Jedox Web 52190 When expanding or collapsing a DynaRange in a Canvas in 21.4, conditional formatting is not always applied correctly. Fixed 22.2.0
Jedox Web 52191 When changing the selection of a Combobox that is linked to a DynaRange in a Canvas, the DynaRange result does not update accordingly. Fixed 21.4.6, 22.1.0
Jedox Web 52297 Creating a Batch PDF of a Canvas Sheet via a Scheduler Task doesn't work correctly. Fixed 21.4.1, 22.1.0
Jedox Web 52327 When expanding and collapsing elements in a View in a Canvas, zero values are sometimes not shown correctly. Fixed 21.4.7, .0
Jedox Web 52946 On Windows installations for Jedox 21.4, export of Drillthrough data as xlsx file does not work correctly. Fixed 22.2.0
Jedox Web 53011 When scrolling down in the List of Rules for a cube in Modeler, and editing a specific rule, the rule list is automatically scrolled to the top again. Fixed 22.1.0
Jedox Web 53087 In the Breadcrumb navigation in Jedox Web Designer and Reports, Models are not listed in alphabetic order. Fixed 22.2.0
Jedox Web 53098 When setting a Studio Banner message, Jedox Web does not work properly in version 21.4.6. Fixed 21.4.7, 22.2.0
Jedox Web 53374 When using the ampersand ("&") character while entering an attribute value in the Modeler, the character is not stored correctly. Workaround: enter the attribute value in a Jedox View for the respective attribute cube. Fixed 21.4.10, 22.1.2, 22.2.0
Jedox Web 53681 When using the http backend option for Jedox Spreadsheet Server, the installation of some models from the Jedox Marketplace may fail. Fixed 22.2.0
Jedox Web 53882 If a group homepage report or default homepage report is defined, and a user's Navigation tree in the "Reports" section is collapsed, the homepage report cannot be loaded correctly in Jedox 22.1. Fixed 22.2.0
Jedox Web 43832 Executing a Macro from a Widget doesn't always work correctly if the report containing the Widget is used in a Frameset. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 43917 If the execution time of an Integrator Job exceeds 24 hours, the Execution Monitor doesn't display the Job duration correctly. Fixed 21.2.0
Jedox Web 43975 When creating a Batch task that is executed for a single user in versions older than 2019.3, and then, it is not possible to change the "Notifications" for this task anymore in scheduler UI. Fixed 21.1.0
Jedox Web 44605 When using the "Hide headers" ribbon option on a View in Reports, some rows of the header are not correctly hidden. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 44637 Pictures of all types (png, jpg, gif) and dynamic charts in spreadsheets are not exported to HTML. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 44668 File icons do not appear in General tab of Properties dialog in the "Designer" panel of Jedox Web. Fixed 21.2.0
Jedox Web 45602 The default row height in a View Theme isn't correctly preserved after creating a new theme. Fixed 21.4.0
Jedox Web 45623 Repeatedly creating new View themes in a running session in Jedox Web doesn't work correctly. Fixed 21.4.0
Jedox Web 45701 Importing a View theme with the same name as an existing theme doesn't work correctly. Fixed 21.3.0
Jedox Web 45790 Entries in Jedox Web History navigation for Mail Templates in Scheduler aren't set correctly. Fixed 22.2.0
Jedox Web 46020 Spacer elements in stored subsets are incorrectly displayed in views when an attribute or alias is used. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46026 Views on cubes in the System database don't work correctly in User Mode in all cases. Fixed 20.1.N, 20.2.7, 20.3.4, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46177 Editing a subset formula which uses absolute cell references like "$A$1" doesn't work correctly in the Subset Editor in Jedox Web. Fixed 20.3.8, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46271 If a connection in Jedox Web uses uppercase characters in the connection name, it cannot be used correctly in Web spreadsheet dialogs. Workaround: change the connection name to use lowercase characters only. Fixed 20.2.11, 20.3.13, 20.4.3, 21.1.0
Jedox Web 46280 When navigating via the Flow Graph in complex Integrator Projects, the target component isn't always selected properly in the project navigation tree in Jedox Web 20.1. Fixed 20.2.8, 20.3.5, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46281 The selection of the "mode" for a Salesforce load doesn't work correctly in the Integrator UI in Jedox Web. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46378 Selection of specific elements on rows or columns of a View in Jedox Web is not preserved correctly when changing the "Use element name path" View option. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 47551 When duplicating a function in a FieldTransform, changes to the duplicated function are also applied to the original function. Workaround: save the Integrator project before editing the duplicated function. Fixed 21.1.0
Jedox Web 46435 When using an Integrator Action on a form element inside of a Model that is installed in a namespace, the Action will not execute the correct Integrator Job. Fixed 20.3.4, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46479 Deleting custom-generated settings in the Settings Manager doesn't always work properly. Fixed 20.3.2, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46494 The Integrator Action incorrectly allows the use of non-static values in the Project field. Fixed 20.3.4, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46514 When defining an Action as the target of a Hyperlink on a Chart, the action is executed twice. Fixed 21.2.0
Jedox Web 46565 Detaching a View in a Jedox Web spreadsheet imported from an XLSX file doesn't always work correctly. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46572 Spreadsheet cell comments have display issues. Fixed 20.4.8, 21.1.9, 21.2.1, .0
Jedox Web 46589 When defining styles or number formats on List blocks in a database in which no element formats had been previously defined in modeler, the styles / number formats are not stored correctly. Fixed 21.1.0
Jedox Web 46598 When using a download or Upload Action on a form element inside a Model that is installed in a namespace, the Action will not set the correct target file location. Fixed 20.3.4, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46647 Using the "Edit template" option in Reports doesn't correctly open the Designer component of Jedox Web. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46885 Embedding Jedox Web reports in third-party sites doesn't work correctly in recent version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Fixed 20.2.10, 20.3.12, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46897 Some Model settings may not be shown correctly in the Administration component. Fixed 20.3.4, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 46956 On Windows installations, when renaming a root folder in Jedox Web 20.1 or newer and only changing the character case of the root folder's name, the storage on file system for the root folder is deleted. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 47242 When making inputs on multiple cells with PALO.DATA*() formulas in Reports mode where the inpout cells intersect with a "Freeze Pane" border, input doesn't work correctly In Jedox Web 20.1. Fixed 20.4.0
Jedox Web 47266 In Jedox Web, when pasting a previously copied folder into this folder itself, the operation is not processed correctly, making this folder inaccessible afterwards. Fixed 20.3.11, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 47308 In non-english locales, passing dynamic Variables to "Actions" doesn't work correctly. Fixed 20.3.6, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 47309 When creating new Lists from the Paste View dialog, and using a name for the List which is already used for a Dimension, the behavior is not correct. Fixed 22.1.0
Jedox Web 47371 When editing a rule in the rule list in Modeler, and saving the changes, the list is automatic scrolled to the top instead of keeping the current position. Fixed 20.3.8, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 47401 In some environments, when downloading very large database script files, cube / dimension as files, or database archive files in Modeler, the resulting file doesn't have the correct content due to insufficient memory. Fixed 20.4.6, 21.1.0
Jedox Web 47411 When detaching a View using System database or user / group dimensions, the detached view shows errors in some scenarios. Fixed 21.1.0
Jedox Web 47478 Users that are not members of the "admin" user group cannot properly change the group assignments of other users, even if their own role rights permit them to. Fixed 20.3.10, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 47597 Overriding report variables via report hyperlinks doesn't work correctly in all scenarios in Jedox Web 20.4. Fixed 20.4.4, 21.1.0
Jedox Web 47717 When using Chrome Browser version 87, the Jedox Web Login page is not displayed correctly. Fixed 19.4.A, 19.4.L, 20.1.P, 20.2.9, 20.3.9, 20.4.0
Jedox Web 47867 In Jedox Web 20.4, Planning Assistant, Cell Tracer, setting Holds, and Drillthrough are not working correctly on PALO.DATA*() cells outside of a View. Fixed 20.4.2, 21.1.0
Jedox Web 47986 In some combinations of DynaRanges and the SUMIF() function, a Web report can return an error message. Fixed 21.3.1, 21.4.0
Jedox Web 48768 Changing settings keys of type "boolean" (checkboxes) in Jedox Web Settings Manager doesn't always work correctly in Jedox 21.1. Fixed 21.2.1, 21.3.0
Jedox Web 48825 Usage of variables in the "Run with options" method in Jedox Integrator doesn't work correctly in Jedox 21.1. Fixed 21.1.1, 21.2.0
Jedox Web 48929 Opening Web reports in Jedox Mobile doesn't work correctly with Jedox 21.1. Fixed 21.1.2, 21.2.0
Jedox Web 48930 Usage of SAML authentication doesn't work in Jedox Mobile with version 21.1. Fixed 21.1.2, 21.2.0
Jedox Web 49294 When adding a tooltip to a Data Validation list, the tooltip is shown with transparent background in version. Fixed 21.3.0
Jedox Web 47656 Parent element style "bold" of the element selectors in Paste Views can be lost when expanding row dimensions. Fixed 22.1.7, 22.2.3, 22.3.0
Linux Setup 48826 On new Linux installations, when creating the first report in empty report group "Public Files", an error message is shown and the report can't be created. Workaround: create a subdirectory in "Public Files". After that, report creation works as expected. Fixed 21.2.0
Office Add-in 47216 Due to changes in office 365 update 2009, Office Add-In becomes unstable when adding new placeholders or when updating existing ones. Solution: Upgrade Office 365 from update 2009 to update 2010. Fixed 20.4.0
Windows Setup 46644 If a Hotfix for Jedox Web RPC had been previously installed in a Windows environment, the content of the RPC component may not be correct after an update to 20.3, potentially leading to various issues in Jedox Web. Fixed 20.4.0