Known Issues in Jedox 2020.2

Below is a current list of known issues in Jedox 2020.2. Hotfixes become available on an ongoing basis as issues are resolved. As of version 2019.2, Jedox software is now updated weekly and will include the latest hotfixes. Note that major releases will still take place on a quarterly basis. To obtain a patch for a particular issue, contact Jedox Support.

Known issues in other versions of Jedox:

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ID Summary Resolution
45812 When opening the user preview of a web spreadsheet, source formulas of named ranges are adjusted incorrectly open
28024 Conditional formatting on DynaRanges using the "Parents below children" option doesn't always work correctly. open
41728 Jedox Mobile: Web reports do not scale down on Android devices. open
44618 When rebuilding a View in a Web Spreadsheet, a DynaRange in the same sheet cannot be removed. open
45316 When trying to rename a duplicated component in an Integrator project, an error message can occur. open
45511 If a specific report opened in the mobile application disables automatic scaling, reports opened afterwards also disable it. open
45602 The default row height in a View Theme isn't correctly preserved after creating a new theme. open
45607 Multiple Scheduler tasks of Integrator jobs running in parallel can sometimes cause falsely queued jobs in Integrator. open
45637 Upgrade for "check for updates" due to versioning changes open
45641 Importing a View theme with the same name as an existing theme doesn't work correctly open
46293 Data Preview in Integrator can sometimes lead to error messages that require logging out of Jedox. open
27957 Web spreadsheet size increases after inserting cells in specific scenarios. open
45623 Repeatedly creating new View Themes in a running session in Jedox Web doesn't work correctly. open
45628 Executing the "projection" procedure in the Projected Balance Sheet Model via a web report doesn't work correctly fixed
45608 Expanding in a View doesn't work anymore if the view is "swapped" and custom number formatting is used. fixed
46082 In Jedox Web Settings Manager, the system settings for model extensions aren't shown correctly. fixed
45584 Some properties of custom View Themes are not correctly applied in Jedox Excel Add-in. fixed
45580 Styles in the data area of pasted Views do not work correctly if the View uses the DATAV function. fixed
45703 Using a View as data source for a chart doesn't work in locales other than english fixed
44979 Deleting a user group that has "admin" user as member doesn't work properly. fixed
45843 In environments using SAML authentication, the option to log in again after logging out isn't displayed correctly. fixed
45858 Absolute cell references with $ character don't work when editing a Subset formula in Subset Editor. fixed

Updated May 5, 2021