Workflow Detail


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Workflow Detail Form

This form allows users to view, and progress through workflow activities. A comment can be added to each workflow activity.


The input options are explained below:

Field Description  Implementation
Task Displays the name of the workflow task Localized Name of the workflow task
Step Displays the ID and name attribute of the workflow step ID_Name attribute of step dimension element.
Show Full History (checkbox)

When checked shows all of the status changes for the workflow step, when unchecked shows only the most recent status change.

Activity log (table) Table with the history of the status changes for the workflow step includes the activity, comment, modified and modified-by fields. Shows the ActivityComment, Modified and Modified By measures in the _WF Status (Name of Step Dimension) cube for several activities of the workflow task. The access to these measures is encapsulated by the workflow_history_() function in the workflow.php library.
Activity Displays the name of the current workflow activity  
Due Date Displays the due date of the current workflow step Due Date attribute of _WF Task Definition dimension. Date formates are supported for languages en, de, fr, es and ch.
Comment Editable field to add a comment to the current workflow step Comment measure in the _WF Status (Name of Step Dimension)  cube.
Send The name of one of the transitions for a workflow activity (e.g. Send, Approve, or Reject). Next activities of the current user activity of the currenct workflow step. The access to these elements  is encapsulated by the workflow_next_activities() function in the workflow.php library.
Proceed (button) Proceed to Reject or Accept the workflow step  This operation is encapsulated by the workflow_proceed_activity() function in the workflow.php library.
Close (button) Close the Workflow Detail window