Workflow Building Block Overview

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The Workflow building block allows you to use Workflow in a custom application. This takes a few manual steps, but also brings pre-built Workflow functionality into your customized work environment. Workflow helps collect planning data (see article for more information).

Workflow optimizes the collection of planning data. Key users set workflow tasks to certain timeframes and assign these tasks to certain user groups.  End users within these user groups must then fulfill the assigned tasks within the allotted time frame. This simplifies workflow distribution, even on a large scale.

Technical Documentation



_WF Task Definition Cube (Custom Application)

_WF Task Assignments Cube (Custom Application)

_WF Status Cube (Custom Application)

Business Logic

Workflow in Custom Applications


My Workflow Activities

Workflow Wizard

Custom Budget

Workflow Administration


Getting Started with the Workflow Building Block

Setting Up Workflow Building Block



_WF Task Dimension in Custom Applications

_WF Activity Dimension

Assigning Activities to User Groups