3rd Party Access/MDX: Use with Excel 2007/2010


The following steps describe how you can create Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 using the Jedox ODBO Provider. Note: when creating an Excel pivot table in Excel 2007, the “Convert to formulas” function does not work with parallel hierarchies.

From the Data menu, select From Other Sources→From Data Connection Wizard:

Select Other/Advanced and click Next:

Choose your Jedox ODBO Provider from the list and click Next.

Server address

Enter the IP address of the machine with the main Jedox ODBO Provider.  

  • If the main ODBO Provider is on the same machine, then this is
  • If the main Jedox ODBO Provider is on another machine (Machine 2), then enter that machine’s IP address.
Username Standard user name is “admin”.
Password Standard password is “admin”; be sure to change this to a secure password.
Enter the initial catalog to use  Choose the catalog from the drop-down list.

Note: after the ini-changes described in the previous subsection, the “main” Jedox ODBO Provider knows the location of the Jedox Server with the data. Choose the database to use and test the connection. If this is successful, you can click OK. In the next dialog you can choose which cube you want to query (if more than one is present):

In the next step you can enter a file name for the connection data, a description, and a friendly name. You have the option to save your password in connection file:

If password saving is selected, you will be warned:

Then click on Finish. Final steps should look like this:

Finished Pivot table in Excel 2007/2010: