Turn Off Currency Conversion


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In the case that your organization’s operations are conducted in one currency, currency conversion can be turned off to improve your model’s performance, turn off currency conversion using the following steps:

Update the Legal Entity dimension with your default currency

Update the Currency attribute of the Legal Entity dimension with your default currency. In this example, all legal entities have had this attribute updated to US Dollar (USD).

Remove unneeded conversions from the Currency dimension

1. Remove all explicit input currencies (e.g.EUR ) except for the default currency from the All Currencies parent element. Keep the Local Currency (LC) and the No Currency (XXX) elements. To remove right-click on the element and select Remove from Selected Parent in the context menu, that removes them from the All Currencies hierarchy but does not delete them from other parents (e.g. Unassigned parent element).

2. Remove all implicit currency conversion (e.g. LC > EUR) and explicit currency conversion (e.g. MXN > EUR) elements from the dimension, including that of the default currency.

3. Remove all consolidated currency conversion (e.g. > EUR) elements except for the conversion into the default currency.

4. Remove all scaling currency (e.g. kEUR and MEUR) elements except for the scaling currency elements of the default currency.

5. Add LC as a child of the consolidated currency conversion of the default currency. To do this right-click on the element and select Add to (additional) Parent in the context menu.

The example below shows the end result of deleting the unnecessary currencies from the All Currencies element as well as keeping the XXXLC, scaling currency and the default currency, USD . 

See the article Fact Cube Using Currency Conversion for more details on the currency conversion.