Field Transform


Field Transform is used to perform a field-based transformation of the data source.

Main settings

Data source: can be any extract or transform and will be processed row by row. 

Tree format: only necessary when the source is tree-based. It defines how the tree is converted into a table. 

Functions: field-wise transformations are defined using a function, such as Replace, Lookup, Concatenation, etc. One or more fields from the source are converted into one output field. A Field Transform can have several functions, which can be implemented one after the other within a transform, i.e. the result of a function can be the input of another function.

To add a function, click the + button in the Functions section. Double-click in the new field to name and edit the function.

Target: defines the output structure of the Field Transform. Each output column requires the following settings:

Field Name An arbitrary name under which the column can be referenced further in the Jedox Integrator process.
Input Either a reference or a constant value. There is a toggle box on the right of the input field with which you can switch between both cases. The reference is set to a column of the source or to a function

If no target table is defined, the output structure consists of all columns of the source plus all functions.

Source Month_Numbers
Treeformat fh
Functions Type
MonthText Map
QuarterText Map

Note: to set a ” ” (space value) for a function parameter, you have to enter “#space”. You can, however, use ” ” within a function parameter.


#space -> ” “
#spaceHello World#space#space -> ” Hello World “

For more information about the available FieldTransform Functions, see the FieldTransform Functions Overview.