TableLoop Transform

This transform does the multiple processing of a parameter-dependent source with differing variables.

The processing of parameter-dependent sources is defined as follows:

Data Source

The source defines the data to be extracted and is processed using one or more variables as parameters. The source type can be selected as desired, e.g. a “relational” extract with a parameterized SQL query. The variables must be defined globally.

Loop Source

This source contains the values for the variables. The number of columns is the same as the number of variables that are applied to the data source. The number of lines defines the number of iterations for the table loop. The data sources are generated consecutively with the parameter values of the loop source and the individual results are standardized with UNION ALL.

Note that the name of the columns in the loop source have to match the name of the variables used in the data source.

This transform can also be used to set variables dynamically for a data source. In this case, the loop source has to contain only one row and a column with the corresponding name for each variable that should be set. A Constant Table extract can be used as loop source to set variables statically.