Supervision Server Samples


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The installation of Jedox Supervision Server includes several sample PHP scripts that demonstrate the various capabilities of monitoring databases with Supervision Server, and reacting to certain events.

In the folder <Install_path>\svs\sample_scripts
you will find the PHP sample scripts shown to the right:

Note on cross-version compatibility of SVS scripts: Supervision Server scripts are written in PHP and have to be compliant with the PHP version used by the Supervision Server. They also can make use of Jedox-specific PHP functions, which may be dependent on the Jedox version in use. New versions of Jedox may include new versions of PHP in SVS and thus may require manual adjustment of script code. Additionally, scripts developed in and working with a current version of Jedox may not work in a previous version.

Reacting to cell changes: “cube worker” example

Add the following entry to the palo.ini:

In the file “”, replace the entry “” or “” with “” and restart the JedoxSuiteMolapService.

In the sample, which we use later, “Turnover” is calculated as product of “Units” and “Price Per Unit”. For this we add the element “Price Per Unit” in the attribute dimension “#_Products_” in Modeler:

Then we enter 500 as “Price per Unit” for the element “Desktop L” in the corresponding Jedox view:

Now we open the file <Install_path>\svs\sample_scripts\sample_on_cell_change.xls:If you change the value in cell B11, you will see that the value in D11 also changes automatically. This change is performed by the Supervision Server: it monitors the “Units” cube slice for changes, and when a value is changed in that area of the cube, SVS automatically calculates a “Turnover” value in the PHP script, setting this value in the corresponding cube cell.

If you try to change the value in D11, you will receive the following error message from the SVS:For the “Turnover” cube slice, the Supervision Server reacts to any input by returning this (configurable) error message to the user. When the SVS is turned off, you can change the value in D11 without any message.