Start Page

The Start Page report provides a central space with easy access to models and reports.

You will find the Start Page in the Reports section as indicated below. Select Models from the menu, then select Start Page from the list below it, or from the icon set to the right. 

Please note: although the start page link is contained in Profits and Loss above, it incorporates all models, as becomes clear in its layout.The same applies for the Start Page report in any other Jedox model.

Start Page Sections

Start Page gives you a comprehensive view of your models and their comprising reports. Each section represents a model (Profit and Loss, Sales, etc). The tiles beneath the model represent its various reports (Actual, Forecast, etc.).


Start Page Navigation

Here you can scroll through models and select reports. If you hover the cursor over the icon or text, a tooltip will appear with a report description. Unless customized, the description contains the report title as shown below:

Click to go to the report. The report will open in a separate report tab. If you wish to go back to the start page, simply click the Start Page report tab.

This allows you to quickly sift through open reports and conveniently select new ones, without the hassle of multiple windows.

Please note: While most tiles go to Jedox Web, some are links to different parts of the web (e.g. Knowledge Base) and therefore will not open a report tab, but a new brower tab or window.