Start Page Configuration


There are several ways to configure your model’s start page report.

Configuration in the Reports Panel

If you wish to reorganize, rename, or remove an item, go to the navigation bar. First, click the indicated icon to switch from user preview to design view in Reports:

then right-click the report you wish to rename or delete:

Under properties, you can customize your report description:

Switch back to design view to see the modified description in the tooltip (unmodified descriptions simply mirror the report title, e.g.. Commission).

To move reports, just drag, drop, and follow the prompt:

Configuration in the Administration Panel

We saw how to modify the report list in the report panel. To modify the content of the start page, go to the Adminstration panel.

First, go to: AdministrationSettings → [model name] → Configuration.

You can double-click any key to edit:

Key  Description

The pattern defines which models are shown on the start page report using regular expression syntax. The default pattern is com\.jedox\.model\..*. This shows all Jedox models. You can modify the pattern to show fewer models. Add the fully qualified name of one or more models that you wish to display in the pattern. All models with a fully qualified name not matching the pattern will be omitted. Example:  com\.jedox\.model\.balancesheet would display only the Balance Sheet model.


This value defines the number of tile columns shown in the start page report. The default is 5.


This key allows you to skip reports. Skipped reports don’t appear in the start page report. The default value is 1, which skips the first item in the report list. The first report in the default configuration of the Jedox models is the start page report itself, which is why it is omitted. 


The start page title appears on the top of Start Page report. The default title is Jedox Models. You can replace it with any text you like.