SSL/TLS running on Amazon EC2


When running Jedox (or components) on EC2 Instances and you want to access them from the outside, make sure you always use address given by Public DNS field in AWS Management Console (including ordering/creating SSL certificates).

Make sure your external users will be able to connect from the outside by allowing inbound connections to specific ports. To do so, in AWS Management Console, under “NETWORKING & SECURITY” / Security Groups select group bound to EC2 Instance.
Under “Inbound, create new inbound rule for every port that has to be open – Custom TCP rule.

Note: For Jedox OLAP Server, both HTTP and HTTPS port must be open. Excel Add-in will prefer encrypted communication even if the encryption option in OLAP server is set to optional.

In addition to this, make sure Firewall is properly configured on EC2 instance (same ports are unblocked).
See for more details on AWS and EC2.

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