Splashing Command: As


If there are already values in your cube, you can use the as command to add a number with the proportions of the source values to create new values.

To use the as command, select the target cell and type in the command ##NUMBER as Element (as is not case-sensitive). NUMBER is the value you want to add to the target cell. Element values provide the proportions of NUMBER to add to each target cell.


  • The as command is not case-sensitive. You can write as, As, or AS.
  • If an element name is used in more than one dimension, you have to prefix it with the name of the dimension to be considered, followed by a colon (for example: ##NUMBER as Years:2018).
  • Element names or dimension names with a blank space, semicolon, colon, or quotation mark must be enclosed in quotation marks, e.g. “Desktop L”. Quotation marks in element or dimension names must then also be prefixed by another quotation mark.


The following example uses data from the Demo database to illustrate the as command and the difference to the like command. We will add 10,000,000 to the budget value in F11:

Using the as command

Entry in F11: ##10000000 as 2018


10,000,000 has been added with the proportions of the values in column E to the existing values in column F.

Using the like command

Entry in F11: ##10000000 like 2018


10,000,000 has been added to the value in F11 and then the same proportions have been calculated in column F as they have been found in column E.