Troubleshooting Excel Add-in


Error Message #NA!

When using the live preview of Paste Values from the context menu in Excel, Jedox formulas might stop working or can’t be calculated anymore and show an #NA error. To force Excel to recalculate the formulas, use the keyboard combination CTRL + ALT + F9.

Error message #VALUE!

If you close Excel and answer the question “Do you want to save the changes…“ with Cancel, the Excel Add-in displays #VALUE! in the cells with PALO.DATA functions. Close Excel and restart it to fix this behavior.

Starting an Excel File from Outlook

When you use Excel 2010 and you open an Excel file with Palo functions from Outlook, Excel disables the recalculation of the workbook by default. As a result, the Palo functions don’t work correctly. In this case, save these files on your hard disk before opening them.

VBA Code

To receive no extended computing time, your VBA_code should include the lines indicated in red:

Sub VBA_code()
On Error GoTo Cleanup ' <- new
Excel.Application.EnableEvents = False ' <- new

<Your VBA code>
Cleanup: ' <- new
Excel.Application.EnableEvents = True ' <- new
End Sub

If you use


in your Excel file, then you should use


instead of


in the VBA code.