SNC Configuration for SAP


Secure Network Communications (SNC) is a layer in the SAP Netweaver architecture that provides an interface to external security products, therefore enabling the use of stronger authentication, encryption, and a single sign-on mechanism. The Jedox SAP Connector uses Remote Function Call (RFC) connections to communicate with a SAP system with the help of SAP JCo. SNC can be used to secure such RFC connections. To configure SNC in the SAP system and in your network, refer to SAP documentation and how-to guides at

On the Jedox installation server, the following parameters of the SAP JCo must be configured:

Parameter Name Description
jco.client.snc_mode SNC mode 1: SNC is activated 0: SNC is not activated
jco.client.snc_lib SNC library path Specifies the path and file name of the external library. The default is the system-defined library as defined in the environment variable SNC_LIB. Example: C:SAP\J2EE_Engine\SAPCrypto\libs\apcrypto.dll
jco.client.snc_qop SNC level Specifies the level of protection to use for the connection. 1: Authentication only 2: Integrity protection 3: Privacy protection (default) 8: Use the value from snc/data protection/use on the SAP application server 9: Use the value from snc/data_protection/max on the SAP application server
jco.client.snc_myname SNC name Specifies the SNC name. This parameter should be set to ensure that the correct SNC name is used for the connection. Example: p:CN=SAPJ2EE, O=MyCompany, C=US
jco.client.snc_partnername SNC partner Specifies the SAP application server’s SNC name. It can be found in the SAP profile parameter snc\identity\as. Example: p:CN=ABC, O=MyCompany, C=US

These settings have to be changed in the file [Jedox install path]\tomcat\webapps\etlserver\config\sap\component.xml under the tag <connections>. The JedoxSuiteTomcatService must be restarted afterwards.

Example configuration:

<component name=”SAP” class=”” >
<parameter name=”jco.client.snc_mode”>1</parameter>
<parameter name=”jco.client.snc_lib”>C:\Programs\ntintel\sapcrypto.dll</parameter>
<parameter name=”jco.client.snc_qop”>3</parameter>
<parameter name=”jco.client.snc_myname”>p:CN=server, OU=Administration, O=Wesselonline, C=DE</parameter>
<parameter name=”jco.client.snc_partnername”>p:CN=sapserver, OU=Administration, O=Wesselonline, C=DE</parameter>