Silent Setup for Automated Software Distribution


Creating a setup script

For automatic setup repetition, you can record the setup execution with the following command:

C:\Downloads\Jedox_Suite_version.exe /SAVEINF="C:\config.inf"

If only a file name is given, the script will be saved to the directory where the setup file is located.

Note: When recording a script for unattended installations, the advanced setup options are always shown.

Executing the setup script

You can run a silent setup using the recorded settings with this command:

C:\Downloads\Jedox_Suite_version.exe /LOADINF="C:\config.inf" /VERYSILENT

See also: Jedox Setup Command Line Parameters


  • Required software, which would normally be downloaded and installed by the Setup, has to be installed before running a silent setup. Therefore you must have the following installations on your computer: .NET Framework (Client Profile) 4.6.1 or newer, Java Runtime Environment Version 8 and the latest versions of all following Visual Studio runtime packages: 2013 and 2017 (see Jedox Software Requirements).
  • We recommended creating a new silent setup script for each Jedox update.