Sign Standard (Cash Flow)


Amounts for the different account types (Assets, Liabilities, Income, and Expenses) are stored in the Profit and Loss and the Balance Sheet cube. The figures for each of these types can be store in either of two ways:

  • The figures are in general stored with a positive sign. The weights in the account hierarchy and any procedures are set to +1 or -1 to ensure correct aggregation. Consuming routines of the figures must be aware of the account type.
  • The figures are stored with a significant sign depending on the account type. The weights in the account hierarchy are all +1 (not used ). Consuming routines of the figures may totalize figures from different account types.

The combination of these ways for each of the account types is called the sign standard.

The Jedox finance models support any sign standard as long as

  1. the sign standard is configured in the configuration settings
  2. the amounts are stored in the cubes in accordance to the sign standard
  3. the configured weights in the account dimensions are set up in accordance to the sign standard

The Cash Flow model uses the sign standard in particular for the automatic handling of signs in the cash flow mapping:

Administration – Settings – Cash Flow – configurationcf_signstandard

The value for this settings is a sequence of four characters (+ or -) denoting the sign of increases on assets, liabilities, income, and expenses.


+++-: Expenses are negative, all other account types are positive.

++++: All account types including expenses are positive. in PnL Account dimension uses -1 weights to deduct expenses from profit accounts.

+--+: Standard in most ERP applications, liabilities, equity and income are negative, assets and expenses are positive.