Separate Balance Sheet Report


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The Separate Balance Sheet report shows the Balance Sheet statement of one individual legal entity as submitted before any adjustments and conversions. It exposes the data in a very early stage of the consolidation process.

Report Heading

The report heading updates dynamically as various reporting options are selected. Below it shows the Scope, Entity and Currency dimensions for the Balance Sheet report (Actual 1018_12, Bikers Best Corp. and Local Currency (USD), respectively):

The logo can be changed in Administration; see Configuring Design Elements for more on report design.

You can select your base elements in the ComboBoxes below the report heading:

The Version dimension separates actual figures from planning figures, see full article. The Month_YTD dimension accumulates float values from the beginning of the calendar year to the current date, while respectively holding the final figure for stock values, see full article.  The Legal Entity dimension represent the companies within a group hierarchy, see full article

The check-boxes below allow you to customize the appearance of your report:

  • Click Suppress Zero Lines if you wish to hide the fields in your report with no data (if you select this option all, all available transaction types will appear: those without data will have a dash in place of numeric input).
  • Click Show Account No. if you wish to display the account number prior to the account name (e.g. Other non-current financial assets → 110440 - Other non-current financial assets).
  • Click Show Two Decimal Places if you wish to show the figures in double-decimal form (e.g. 1,174,1421,174,141.68).

Table Columns

The Separate Balance Sheet report displays different aspects of the base elements you select in several tables. For each the table, the columns shows the balance sheet accounts in rows in relation to the time dimension in columns (specifically the Month_YTD dimension and its previous period, e.g. 2018-12_YTD and 2017-12_YTD, see screenshots below). The columns displayed in the report depend on the the selection made in the PoV area:

The table breaks down into three parts. Above we see the Total assets section, which shows the assets accounts. There is also a section for Total equity and liabilities. Finally, the KPIs section shows different types of calculated statistical indicators.

Field Description Implementation
Row labels Account shown as localized name.

Three hierarchies of  the BS account dimension. The first column shows the row labels. The first hierarchy shows the element configured by the configuration.bs_account_assets setting and it’s decendants. The second table shows configuration.bs_account_liabilities and the third one configuration.bs_account_kpis.

This report exposes balance sheet accounts with the Separate Statement attribute set to 1.

Data selected in the header (e.g. 2018-12_YTD above). Selection from the Comboboxes in the header (Version, Month_YTD, Legal Entity) The selection are base elements in the Balance Sheet cube. In addition to the Version, Month_YTD, and Legal Entity dimension, the data will reflect the local currency (LC) for the chosen legal entity as submitted on the ~ Scope and the Local GAAP elements of the Consolidation dimension.

The previous version and prior period of the data selected in the header (e.g. 2017-12_YTD above).

The previous version and prior period of the data selected from the Comboboxes in the header. The Previous Version attribute of the selected element in the Version dimension and the Prior Period attribute of the selected element in the Month_YTD dimension. All other data is the same as above.