Scheduling Tasks as Integrator Jobs


You can use the Scheduler to run an Integrator Job at a particular time and frequency.

  1. Open a Job in Integrator and click the Schedule icon to create a task.
  2. Give the task a name and a description. Select the trigger and store type. For more information, see Scheduler Trigger Types and Scheduler Storage Types.
  3. Select the user groups for which the task should be executed. If you want to send reports to each user of a certain group, use the option “Go over group(s)” and select the user group you want or add a custom e-mail address. Click Next.
  4. Decide which user must run the job.
  5. Click Finish to create the task in the Scheduler.

Note: the start/stop times are applied in the time zone that the server is in. This time zone may be different from that of the user who is scheduling the task.

For example, say a Jedox server is physically located in Bucharest (GMT+2). It serves a company located in Berlin (GMT+1). If a user in Berlin schedules a task to begin at 18:00, the task will begin at 18:00 in Bucharest (which would be 17:00 in Berlin). For more information, see Time Zones in Jedox.

Notes on Users

The e-mail addresses of the users who should be notified can be registered in the user’s properties form in Jedox Web Administration > Users. Alternatively, it can be set via a Spreadsheet View of the cube #_USER_USER_PROPERTIES in the System database.

The mail server used for sending emails is configured in Jedox Web Administration > Settings. For details, see Adjusting Email Notification Settings.

The Scheduler displays the tasks that are not yet finished or the logs of the jobs that are already finished. Depending on your access rights, you can start, stop, edit or delete tasks. You can also change the execution times in the General tab.

See how to schedule an Integrator job in this short video from Jedox Academy.