Schedule Database Backup


You can create a scheduler task to back up a database by right-clicking the corresponding database in Modeler:

Select the command “Schedule Database Backup…”.

In the first dialog window you must select the storage location for the backup file:

Storage location possibilities:

  • Report Designer –  in this case you must use the button „Browse“ to define the sub location and the file name.
  • Filesystem – – in this case you can enter directly the file name.

The other options in this dialog window are self-explanatory.

In the following dialog window you can enter the task name for the job, the job type and define further properties:

In the following dialog windows you can select the user who is owner of the job and who should receive the job reports.

After you have finished the task creation dialog, you will find the created task in Scheduler. There you deactivate / activate or edit the backup task: