SAPERPHierarchy Extract


With this extract type, it is possible to read several central SAP ERP entities along with their hierarchies, mainly of the components CO, PS, and EC-PCA.

Main settings
Connection Name of the SAP connection.
Hierarchy type Currently available hierarchy entities: Account (General Ledger account), ActivityType, BusinessProcess, CostCenter, CostElement, Order, ProfitCenter, Statistical Key Figure, WBS element.
Controlling area Name of the controlling area.
Group name The name of the group to be extracted (e.g. Cost Element Group).
Date An optional date for the group in case of time dependent hierarchies. The date has to be given in the form yyyymmdd e.g. 99991231. Default behavior: If the date is not given, the current date is used.
Read only groups If this flag is set, only the group is read. Otherwise the group and its entities (e.g. Cost Elements) are read.
Attribute for description The name of the attribute that is filled with the description of the group and the entities. If the input field is empty, this attribute is not created.
Attribute for name The name of the attribute that is filled with the name of the entities. For groups, this attribute is empty. If the input field is empty, this attribute is not created. This attribute is not available for the hierarchy types Order and Profit Center.
Advanced settings
Group prefix The entered text is added as a prefix to the name of each group element (e.g. to each cost element group). This eases the handling of alternative hierarchies with different group prefixes for each group. The names of the base nodes (e.g. the cost elements) are not changed.
Filter pattern Only available for hierarchy type “Order”. Sets a filter on the order with a regular expression on the order name.
Alpha conversion When the flag is set, the external format without left-hand zeros is used for the base elements.
Hierarchy Entities Transaction codes to display the group
Account (General Ledger account / InfoobjectAttribute) KDH3
ActivityType KLH3
Business Process CPH3
Cost Center KSH3
Cost Element KAH3
Orders (Any type of Orders,e.g. Internal Order, Maintenance Order, Production Order, Process Order, Service Order, Investment Order) KOH3
Profit Center KCH3
Statistical Key Figure KBH3
WBS Element KJH3