SAPBIMaster Extract


The SAPBIMaster extracts InfoObjects from SAP BW including Master data (Attributes) and Descriptions.

Main settings
Connection Name of the SAP connection.
Infoobject Name of the InfoObject
Filter A query filter on the InfoObject or any of its compounding InfoObjects. Allows filtering according to determined elements or values. The filtering criteria are described in detail in Filtering with SAP Connector.

The attributes of the InfoObject to be extracted from the SAP BW have to be specified in the attributes table. It is also possible to include the compounding InfoObjects here. 

The optional alias name defines the column header. An optional default value can be assigned to each attribute to map empty attribute values.
The extraction of description texts is configured with specific text attributes, which refer to different descriptions available in the SAP BW for InfoObjects and Hierarchy Nodes:

  • txtsh: short description
  • txtmd: medium description
  • txtlg: long description

The first output column of the extract is the InfoObject. Starting with the 2nd column, the output consists of the specified attributes.



Advanced settings:
Infoobject field name Name of InfoObject field.
Remove left Possible compounding InfoObjects can be cut for the data output. The number of figures of the compounding InfoObjects has to be specified.
Alpha conversion When the flag is set, the external format without left-hand zeros is used for the base elements.

InfoObject 0COSTCENTER, compounding with 0CO_AREA, Element 10000000004711