SalesforceSOQL Extract


This extract type allows the definition of a generic SOQL query.

Salesforce uses the proprietary query language SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) for data retrieval. It has similarities to the SELECT commands of SQL (Structured Query Language), but it is not compatible with ANSI-SQL.
Note: Comments are not supported in SOQL queries!

For more information on SOQL, see SOQL SELECT Syntax.

A Salesforce Connector License and a Connection to Salesforce is required for this extract type.

Main Settings
Connection: A connection of type Salesforce
SOQL query:

With an arbitrary SOQL Select Statement, data can be read from the database. All options of the SOQL syntax (e.g. for filtering, sorting, and joining) can be used.

Example: SELECT Name, Department, Birthdate, Account.Name, Account.Phone FROM Contact

Field Structure: The resulting field structure of the Salesforce SOQL extract can be generated with the option Update Field Structure. The number and the (original) name of all columns are displayed. For each column, you can optionally define:

  • Field Name: an alternative name to the original name of the column. The field will be referenced with this name for the rest of the Jedox Integrator process.
  • Default: defines a first basic mapping. A plank, several blanks, or a null value will be mapped to this default value.
Advanced Settings
Use Bulk API:
Use the Bulk API provided by Salesforce for processing large numbers of records asynchronously. If not set, the (classic) REST API from Salesforce will be used; this API may result in better performance for small and medium data volumes.
Use Caching: Memory, disk, or none (default). See Caching in Extracts for more information.