Reports as Homepages

You can set a report as the default homepage. This will be the first screen that appears in Jedox Web for each standard user.

Note: a default homepage will  be overridden by a specified group homepage (see below). Furthermore, the homepage settings will be overridden by a defined Default Report folder, which each user can set in his user options.

To set a report as the default homepage, right-click on the report name in Reports and select Set as default homepage, as shown below:

When setting a group homepage, the following dialog box will appear:

The members of the Sales group will start the program with the homepage selected here. You can set a different report as homepage for each user group.

Manage Homepage button

Also in Reports is a button to manage homepages, as indicated below:

The button starts the following dialog:

Here you can unset the current settings for the default homepage and/or for the selected group homepage.