Data – Refresh, Auto-Refresh, Auto-Calculate


Depending on the complexity of a workbook, you need to decide whether data in the workbook is refreshed automatically or manually. You can select these options in the Formulas menu:

If you check Auto-Refresh Data, you can specify the interval in seconds by which data is auto refreshed.

Note: for performance reasons you should not specify an auto-refresh interval of under 10 seconds.

Refresh applies to all functions that are not refreshed continuously, such as  PALO.DATA(), RANDOM NUMBER(), TODAY(), etc.

In contrast, normal calculations, such as the SUM() function, are immediately recalculated when you change a cell in the area of the sum. If you uncheck the option to Auto-Calculate Data, such functions will not immediately be recalculated.

Refresh Data is executed once for every click, while Auto-Refresh Data and Auto-Calculate Data are continuously carried out. The setting of the Auto-Refresh Data checkbox is saved with the file.

Auto-Calculate Data is enabled by default in Jedox Web for Reports and Designer. Within any given session, any changes to the Auto-Calculate Data setting in one of these components apply to all files within both components.

This option is only temporarily set for the current workbook Jedox Web session (e.g. to prevent unwanted recalculations during the designing phase of the report).  As soon as an additional / other workbook is opened, “Auto-Calculate Data” will be enabled again for all open reports to ensure proper loading of the new workbook.