Quickstart with Jedox Excel Add-in



  1. Download the Jedox software.
  2. Double-click the setup file and carry out the setup with the default settings. After a successful installation of the Jedox software (Server and Excel Add-in on the same computer) and restarting Excel, you will see the Jedox Ribbon:

Jedox comes with a demo database that you can use to create a Jedox database view.

Creating a Jedox Database View

  1. Open a blank Excel workbook
  2. Select the command “New View” in the Jedox Ribbon. This command allows you to easily create Jedox database views on a worksheet.
  3. In the dialog box, select which dimensions and elements you want to see and how they should be arranged.
  4. With drag and drop, move the dimensions from the page area (current location) to the row titles or column titles areas:

  5. Move the dimension “Products” to the row titles area and the dimension “Regions” to the column titles area.

Pasting and Changing a View

  1. Click the “Paste” button. You receive the following view (the value in C7 may differ, it depends on the stored demo database values of the current installation):
  2. Using the techniques described above, arrange the following view (the shown data values may differ, they depend on the stored demo database values of the current installation):

This article demonstrates how simple it is to display the data from a cube and change an existing view in an Excel worksheet using Jedox.

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