Profit Center Forecast Initialization report


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This administrative report allows you to initialize forecast data that are stored in the Profit Center cube.

The input fields and options are explained below:




Legal Entity (combobox)

Selection of Legal Entity for which Forecast should be initialized

Any element under Total Group (inclusive) of Legal Entity dimension.

Version (combobox)

Selection of planning version which can serve as planning version templates

Elements matching the pattern FC or BU in attribute Stylesheet of Version dimension.

Year (combobox)

 Selection of year which serves as planning version template

Elements matching the pattern yyyy or FYyyyy of Month dimension.

Target  (combobox)

Selection of planning version where values should be written at, excluded the selected version of Source Version.

Elements matching the pattern FC in attribute Stylesheet of Version dimension and are not selected in Source Version at this moment.

Copy button

Starts the procedure

Runs xfcd109_30_Forecast_Load to create, copy and configure new Legal Entity in Integrator. Variables include:

  • xccd101_Target_Entity
  • xccd101_Source_Entity
  • xccd107_Target_Version
  • xccd107_Source_Version
  • xccd107_Target_ForeCast_Month
  • xccd107_Source_ForeCast_Month

Status message and icon

Empty: job has not been started yet

Failed: job has failed. Check the execution log in Integrator – Monitor  for detailed information.

Completed with Warnings: job has succeeded, but one or more warnings have been raised during the execution. Check the execution log in Integrator – Monitor  for detailed information.

Completed successfully: job succeeded without any warnings or errors.