Profit Center Cube


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Financial amounts for the internal profit and loss statement are maintained in the Profit Center cube, which consists of the following dimensions:

  • Version: see article Version Dimension
  • Month: see article Month Dimension
  • Legal Entity: see article Legal Entity Dimension
  • Partner Entity: see article Partner Entity Dimension
  • Profit Center: see article Profit Center Dimension
  • Partner Profit Center: see article  Partner Profit Center Dimension
  • Cost Object: see article Cost Object Dimension
  • Partner Cost Object: see article Partner Cost Object Dimension
  • Currency: see article Fact Cube Using Currency Conversion
  • PC Account: see article PC Account Dimension
  • Profit Center_measure: contains the following measures:
    Element Definition
    Adjusted and Posted Total of Adjusted and Posted. (consolidated element)
    Input and Posted Total of Input and Posted. (consolidated element)
    Input Main element to store facts from import procedures or manual input. (numeric)
    Adjustment Element to manually enter adjustments to the amount posted in financial accounting. Used only for actuals. (numeric)
    Adjusted Total of Input and Adjustment. (consolidated element)
    Posted Element to store values posted through the Posting Journal.
    Comment Additional explanation of the planned amounts stored in Input or on the performance of actual figures and their adjustments. (string)