PB Files


PB file (Palo Bundle) is the package export file type of Jedox.

The commands “Export” and “Import” you will find on the context menu after right click on a folder or a file. Starting from a folder, the command “Export” will create a PB file.

In modul Reports you receive additionally the commands “Export All Folder Groups” and “Export Folder Group”:

In modul Reports the command “Export” takes also the needed files of the modul Report Designer into the package.

A PB file you can import as an entire package again.

During the import the contents of the PB file will be displayed:

Hereafter you will receive a message, such as this:

You can also display an import log:
If the export includes also Framesets, then please select the folder to export so that all in the framesets used workbooks are included.
Access rights for the exported hierarchy are included in the bundle, but are only applied upon import if the user group exists in the system where the bundle is imported.
During import, the internal item IDs are rewritten if possible (or necessary). Since hyperlinks between workbooks are based on these IDs, some hyperlinks may not work after importing. This only concerns hyperlinks created with the “Insert Hyperlink” dialog, not the HYPERLINK() formula. Hyperlinks within a workbook are also not influenced by this.