Comments Panel

The Comments panel offers users a space to add comments, reply to others’ comments, and attach files, such as PDF or DOC files. The Comments panel is displayed on all spreadsheets and reports, and linked to the Jedox Web Studio environment, i.e. not available in Standalone Reports. To open the Comments panel, click on the double arrows on the far-right side of opened reports or spreadsheets of the components Reports and Designer, as indicated in the image below:

When the Comments panel is open, it appears on the right side, as shown below.

The Comments panel option can be disabled for the components Reports and Designer. Doing so will hide the Comments panel on all reports and files without deleting existing comments.Go to Administration – Settings – Collaboration – Comments and change the key value to “TRUE”. Note that this change will take effect after a new login.

If the key value is set back to “FALSE”, previously existing Comments will be visible again.