Overview of Tree Formats

ea Element and attributes (without hierarchical information).
fh TreeFH (Full Hierarchy Tree): creates a full, level-based hierarchy. See article TreeFH Transform.
fhw TreeFH with weights.
fhwa TreeFH with weights and attributes.
lew TreeLE (Tree Level and Element): level element with weights. See article TreeLE Transform.
lewta TreeLE with weights, type (string, numeric, consolidated), and attributes.
ncw TreeNC: N stands for base element and C stands for consolidated element. Numeric-consolidated type with weights. See TreeNC Transform.
ncwa TreeNC with weights and attributes.
pc TreePC (Parent-Child): creates a tree with parent-child relationships, attributes and weights. See article TreePC Transform.
pcw TreePC with weights.
pcwa TreePC with weights and attributes.
pcwat TreePC with weights, attributes, and type (string, numeric, consolidated).
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