My Workflow Activities


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As end users, you progress workflow tasks to completion. The My Workflow Activities report guides you through this progression.

The My Workflow Activities report gives a glance at your workflow tasks and their respective workflow activities. The logo can be changed in Administration; see Configuring Design Elements for more on report design. The table below the logo displays the the current workflow tasks and their properties. You can open the report assigned to the task in the Assigned Reports column. A simple click on the ellipsis opens the Workflow Detail form, where you can view and change the status of workflow tasks, see full article.

 Field Description Implementation
Task Displays the workflow task (e.g. Custom Budget 2020) Selection of element from the  _WF Task dimension
Step Dimension Displays the element shown as localized name Elements of the step dimension showing the localized Name attribute
Current Activity Displays the localized Name attribute of the element of the_WF Activity dimension Identifies the element of the _WF Activity dimension that has the value 1 on the State (Consolidated) measure in the _WF Status (<Step Dimension>) cube. This is taken from the the ~ (Not applicable) element in the Event dimension.
The access is encapsulated by the workflow_get_current_activity() function in the workflow.php library.
Due Date Displays the Due Date of the workflow activity Due Date measure of the _WF Task Definition cube
Assigned Reports Opens the report to which the workflow task is assigned The Assigned Reports measure in the _WF Task Definition cube
Open the ‘Workflow Detail Frameset’ form Opens //Default/<CustomApplicationName>/<Model Name>/Reports/Detail/<Model Name> Detail.wss