Data – Validation


Data validation is a functionality that allows you to define restrictions for the entries in a cell. In Jedox Web, you can define restrictions from the Simple Ribbon in Formulas > Data validation:

In the Settings tab, select the List option and define the allowed values using a formula or a range of cells, a Subset, or an ODBC query. Please be aware of the Constraint for the data sources formula and ODBC query.

Ignore blank means that no data validation will be carried out if you nothing is entered into the cell.

Note: The Show formatted value/Alias only works with certain sources, such as subsets or other sources which conform to the internal subset structure.

In the following line you can specify whether the value should be displayed (or written back) formatted or unformatted.

In the Input Message tab you can specify whether an input message should be displayed, and if so, you can enter the message title and the message content.

In the tab “Error Alert”, you can specify whether an error message is displayed on incorrect input, and if so, set a stop, warning, or information message, each with title and content.

  • The stop message allows only values defined in the list.
  • The warning message requires the user to provide different input.
  • The information message and the different input is accepted.
  • If “Show error alert after invalid data is entered” isn’t checked, then each cell entry is accepted without further message.

When using a Data validation list inside a DynaRange, the data validation source formula will not change cell references relative to its position in the DynaRange.

Note: It is not possibe to copy cells containing defined data validation. This behavior concerns copying within a sheet, from one sheet to another and from one workbook to another. For every situation, you must perform the data validation again.