Manual Transfer Commands: Fullto / Fullfrom


With the commands fullto and fullfrom you can decrease a source cell value by an amount while adding the amount to a target cell.

With these commands, in contrast to the regular transfer commands to / from, values can also be transferred to empty target cells.

To use the fullto command, select the source cell and type in the command NUMBER fullto <Element name>. 

To use the fullfrom command, select the target cell and type in the command NUMBER fullfrom <Element name>

NUMBER is the value you want to reduce the source cell while adding the same amount to the target cell.

In both cases the children of source cell provide the proportions of NUMBER which will be added to the children of target cell.


  • The commands fullto and fullfrom are not case-sensitive. You can also write FULLTO / FULLFROM or Fullto / Fullfrom.
  • If an element name is used in more than one dimension, you have to prefix it with the name of the dimension to be considered, followed by a colon (for example: NUMBER fullto Years:2018)
  • Element names or dimension names with a blank space, semicolon, colon, or quotation mark must be enclosed in quotation marks, e.g. “Desktop L”. Quotation marks in element or dimension names must then also be prefixed by another quotation mark.

The following example uses data from the Demo database to illustrate the fullto command. We transfer 35848 from the value in C12 to the value in G12:

Entry in C12: 35848 fullto “Qtr. 2”:


The value in C12 has been reduced by the amount of 35848 while this amount was added to the value in G12. The proportions of children from C12 were used for the distribution among the children of G12.