PowerBI Load


With this load type, data can be written into datasets of the business analytics service Power BI, provided by Microsoft. If the datasets and the tables are not yet existing they are created in Power BI. For this load a Power BI Connector License and a Connection to Power BI is required.

Main settings

Data source

Extract or transform containing the data to be written.

Tree format

If the data source is a tree, the hierarchy format must be entered. See Overview of Tree Formats.

Target connection

A connection of type PowerBI.


  • create: A new data set and a new table is created. An existing data set and table is removed.
  • update: If the data set does not exist, it is created along with the table. If the database does exist, the table must also exist. Existing data is cleared from the table, new data is loaded.
  • insert: If the dataset is not existing, it is created along with the table. If the database is existing, the table also must exist. Data is inserted into the table, already existing rows are omitted.