File Load


With file load, data from the source is loaded into a file (connection type “file”) in CSV format.

Main settings

Data source

Extract or transform containing the data to be written.

Tree format

If the data source is a tree, the hierarchy format must be entered. See Overview of Tree Formats.

Target connection

The file connection to be used.



create File is created new. At the top, “skip lines” empty lines are written.
add Data is appended to the end of an existing file. Before the data, empty lines corresponding to the number specified by “skip lines” are written.
insert Data is inserted in an existing file at the line with the number specified by “skip lines”.  Existing lines below move to the end.
update Data is inserted in an existing file at the line number specified by “skip lines”. Existing lines are overwritten.

Advanced settings

Skip lines

The number of empty or skipped lines before writing the data (depending on the load mode).

Do not generate empty file

Unchecked by default.

Default value

Adds a constant string if the column value is null. Not applicable if the column contains an empty string.
Use scientific notation Boolean option to display data with (default) or without scientific notation. If set, results use exponential notation for very high/low numbers. If not set, results use decimal notation with precision up to 15 digits.

If the file does not exist before the load, the result is the same as with any load mode.