Jobs Overview


A Jedox Integrator process is executed via a job, which is the last step in the Jedox Integrator process. The seven job types in Jedox 7.0 are briefly described in the table below. Follow the links for more detailed articles on each job type.

Standard job Executes loads and subjobs one at a time.
Parallel job Executes several loads or jobs simultaneously.
Groovy job Executes a script in the Groovy programming language.
JavaScript job Executes a script in the JavaScript programming language.
External job Allows you to execute jobs from another Integrator project as a subjob,  splitting Integrator logic into several projects and executing them together in one central job.
Loop job Does the multiple processing of another parameter-dependent load or job with differing variables. It can also be used to set variables dynamically for a load or a job.
Switch job Builds an execution chain based on conditions.