JavaScript Job


This job executes a script in the JavaScript programming language. The execution speed is generally slower than the Groovy job type.

Besides the various functionalities, JavaScript offers specific Jedox Integrator functionality via the Jedox Integrator Scripting API.

Advanced settings

Fail on status: if the job executes several loads or sub-jobs, the selected option defines the behavior in case of a warning or an error message in one of the loads or sub-jobs. The options are described below:


All subsequent loads or sub-jobs are executed. The job terminates with “Completed with warnings” or “Completed with errors”.


In case of an error message, the job terminates without executing subsequent loads or sub-jobs and the job terminates with status “Failed”.


In case of a warning message, the subsequent loads or sub-jobs are executed and the job terminates with status “Completed with warnings”.