External job


With this job type, you can execute a job from another Integrator project as a sub-job, which allows you to split Integrator logic into several projects and execute them together in one central job. Predefined jobs from other Integrator projects can be used.

The project must be defined and stored in the same Jedox installation. The user must have sufficient authorizations to execute jobs in the external Integrator project.

Main settings


This field affects the selections available in the Project drop-down list.

None: all projects are available for selection

Global: only global projects are available for selection

All other options in this drop-down list are currently installed Models. Selecting a Model makes all project within that Model available for selection in the Project drop-down list.


Integrator project that has the Job you want to run. This drop-down list is dynamically updated with the selection made in Scope, as described above.


Name of the job inside of the selected Integrator project.

Variable handling in external jobs

In an external job, it is possible to set values for the variables of the external project. The job in the external project is then executed with these variable values. For all variables in the external project that are NOT set explicitly in the calling job, the variable default values inside of the external project (or, if set, the variable values of the called job) are used.

Advanced settings

Fail on status: if the job executes several loads or sub-jobs, the selected option defines the behavior in case of a warning or an error message in one of the loads or sub-jobs. The options are described below:


All subsequent loads or sub-jobs are executed. The job terminates with “Completed with warnings” or “Completed with errors”.


In case of a warning message, the subsequent loads or sub-jobs are executed and the job terminates with status “Completed with warnings”.


In case of an error message, the job terminates without executing subsequent loads or sub-jobs and the job terminates with status “Failed”.