Jedox Web File Administration


Jedox Web groups, folders and files are administered in Jedox databases.

Under the Jedox installation path you will find the folder olap\data.  There the ‘Default’ group appears as the Jedox database fgrp1:

fgrp stands for folder group, while rgrp stands for report group (which belongs to the component Reports). After in the component Report Designer new groups (folder groups) or new report groups are created, here are created new databases with the same name, numbered sequentially (i.e. fgrp1, fgrp2… or rgrp1, rgrp2 etc.). The ‘Public Files’ directory is a dimension of the ‘fgrp1’ database.

Upon creating this dimension, the actual storage location for Jedox Web files is created under …\storage,  with the subfolder ‘h1-Public+Files’.
When a folder is created in ‘Public Files’, it becomes a consolidated element of the ‘Public Files’ dimension and each workbook is a basic element of this dimension.