Jedox Spreadsheet Basics


Jedox Spreadsheet is a browser-based spreadsheet program, similar to common spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Calc. In addition, Jedox Spreadsheet has been enhanced to read and write data directly from Jedox OLAP and create appropriate reports.

Note: Jedox Spreadsheet does not support  R1C1 reference style (cell adresses in row / column reference style)!

Creating a new Spreadsheet

To create a new spreadsheet, navigate to Report Designer – Default – Public Files in the left-side navigation pane. Then click on New – New Spreadsheet in the Report Designer window on the right. 

Name the file ‘Test1’ and start it with a double-click:

You can change the look and feel of the Spreadsheet Editor Toolbar by setting it as a Classic Toolbar, Ribbon or Simple Ribbon. For more information, see Options Dialog.