Jedox Cloud Hardware Specifications


Jedox Cloud features all Jedox software components in a high-performance hardware environment. Your requirements are only a computer or mobile device with fast internet performance and a browser that supports Jedox software.

The Jedox Cloud instance based on Azure infrastructure comes in three different flavors: Essential, Professional (small, medium, and large), and Performance. Listed below are details on hardware used within each offering.

Capacity guide for Jedox Cloud
Number of users Minimum Recommended
10-50 Essential

Business / Professional S

50-200 Business / Professional M Business / Professional L
200-500+ Performance Ask for details
 Hardware specifications
  Essential Business / Professional S Business / Professional M Business / Professional L Performance /
Performance GPU
vCPUs Up to 4 Up to 8 Up to 16 Up to 32 Up to 64 vCPUs
1 V100 GPU
RAM Up to 32 GB Up to 64 GB Up to 128 GB RAM Up to 256 GB Up to 432 GB RAM
112 GB RAM
Storage Up to 512 GB Up to 512 GB Up to 512 GB Up to 512 GB Up to 512 GB
Snapshot storage Up to 512 GB Up to 512 GB Up to 512 GB Up to 512 GB Up to 512 GB

Jedox Production Cloud instances are based on the latest generation of Intel Broadwell processors supplied by Microsoft Azure. They use premium boot storage and can achieve up to 3.5GHz in Boost mode.

You can buy additional hardware storage with an increment of 128 GB.

Note: exact hardware details may be subject to regional availability of Azure infrastructure services. The focus of Jedox’s provisioning practice is to deliver a reliable, premium-quality service with fast application response times, not to guarantee a particular hardware configuration.