Integrator Server SOAP API

Jedox Integrator Server offers a web service API and communicates with clients using the protocol specification SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). All clients send requests using this API, and the server sends a response in XML format. The API covers all backend functionality of Jedox Integrator, such as creation of projects, data preview, execution of jobs, and retrieving execution monitor information. A valid OLAP Server session must be used when calling SOAP methods.

Jedox Integrator runs as a Java servlet inside of a Tomcat server (JedoxSuiteTomcatService). When this service is started, the WSDL file (Web Services Description Language) of Integrator Server can be accessed in a web browser at http://<Tomcat Server>:<Tomcat port>/etlserver/services/ETL-Server?wsdl



It describes formally all the functionality offered by this web service, i.e., the Integrator SOAP API.

Documentation on the individual web service methods with their signatures are included in the Jedox SDK, which can be downloaded from the Jedox homepage. The documentation will be in your downloads folder under /SDK/ETL/doc/index.html.

With the help of this SOAP API, Jedox Integrator can be accessed with every modern programming language that offers support for SOAP web services, e.g. Java, PHP, C#, and others. Coding examples for PHP that also cover the authentication procedure can be found in Accessing the SOAP API of Jedox Integrator (ETL) from PHP.