Jedox Integrator Samples

Jedox Integrator offers sample projects that show various features and capabilities in action. The Integrator Samples can be installed via the Jedox Marketplace.

After installing the Integrator Samples, open the Integrator panel in Jedox Web and select the Integrator Samples group on the left side:

The samples cover a wide variety of topics, from specific extracts of data sources and the processing of data via various transforms, to loading data into Jedox In-Memory DB or other storage locations.

Most of the projects are ready-to-run. Some projects do not include a load, but instead only demonstrate the use of an extract and/or transform. Other projects may require a specific source system, e.g. a relational database.

The Integrator Samples package also includes a spreadsheet, which contains an example php macro that retrieves a list of Integrator projects, and to start a specific job from one of the projects. The spreadsheet can be found in the Designer under Models / Integrator Samples (see screenshot below). The macro could be adjusted for use in another report; for example, the code that reads contents from the spreadsheet, such as the selected project, might have to be changed.

Source data files that are used by some of the samples, such as CSV files, can be found in the same location, in the folder “Files”. This folder also is the target for file loads from the sample projects.

You can adjust the address of your Integrator server in the System settings. Open the system key integrator_server_url and add the address to the Value field, as shown in the screenshot below. Possible values for this system key include

  • (on premise installation; you must change the IP and port if you have installed Integrator in a different location)
  • http://tomcat-etl (AKS Cloud; see Changes to Jedox Cloud in 2020)
  • (legacy Cloud)