Protection of Internal Databases


Jedox Integrator uses H2 file-based databases to store the following information:

  • Monitoring data (Execution History, Logs, Drillthrough Metadata) in <Install>\\tomcat\webapps\etlserver\data\db\etl_history.
  • Internal Drillthrough Data in <Install>\\tomcat\webapps\etlserver\data\db\etl_drillthrough.

By default, these databases are not password protected. To assign passwords to these databases, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Stop JedoxSuiteTomcatService.
  2. Remove the directories for the databases mentioned above. Caution: these changes should be done directly after the installation, as all monitoring/drillthrough data will be lost in this process. 
  3. Edit the file <Install>\tomcat\webapps\etlserver\config\connections.xml as follows:
    • For Monitoring data, edit the connection with name=”History”
    • For Internal Drillthrough data, edit the connection with name=”Drillthrough”
    • Assign a password in the tag <password></password>
  4. Start JedoxSuiteTomcatService

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