Hardware Requirements


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Using Jedox Cloud

In Jedox Cloud we place all our Jedox Software modules (except for Jedox 3rd Party Access) at your disposal in a high-performance hardware environment. Your requirements are only a computer or mobile device with fast Internet performance and a browser that supports Jedox Software.


Using your own Hardware

Here you will find the hardware requirements for the installation of the following Jedox software: Jedox In-Memory DB Server (including all Jedox server components1)), Jedox GPU Accelerator, Jedox Web (Web Server and Spreadsheet Server), Jedox Excel Add-in Client, and Jedox Web Client.

Important preliminary remarks:
Overall, the performance depends on the size of the database and/or the complexity of the data model and the used rules. Furthermore, the number and the size of the Web Spreadsheets and Web Reports plays an important role in the performance. Finally, the number of all potential named users that are using the systems at the same time (concurrent sessions) has a major impact on HW requirements.

For these reasons, the following hardware recommendations are limited to the basic use of our software products. Please contact one of our experienced consultants if your desired data analysis corresponds to such a base use. If this is not the case, then normally the hardware requirements are significantly higher.


General notes:
For larger applications, we recommend splitting the processes on several machines (see article Scaling Jedox).

For more than 500 concurrent sessions, a prior consultation with one of our consultants is required.

The Jedox GPU Accelerator can utilize CUDA-capable NVIDIA graphics cards as massively parallel co-processors for speeding up OLAP aggregations. Thus Jedox applications may achieve significant performance improvements.

Jedox products also support virtual platforms; however, compared with a real hardware constellation, performance degradation can occur. The difference in performance must be checked in each individual case, since this depends on the application and on the given virtual platform.


First Server Machine

All Jedox server components must always run on this first server machine.1)

 Number of sessions  Resource  Minimum2)  Recommended2)

 for 10-50 concurrent sessions



Intel Xeon (4 Cores)

Intel Xeon (16 Cores)


16 GB

64 GB


100 GB

200 GB

 for 50-200 concurrent sessions  


Intel Xeon (16 Cores)

2 x Intel Xeon (10 Cores)


64 GB 128 GB


200 GB 400 GB

 for 200-500 concurrent sessions



2 x Intel Xeon (10 Cores)

2 x Intel Xeon (20 Cores)


128 GB

HDD 400GB 1000 GB

Jedox GPU Accelerator

Resource Minimum2) Recommended2)
GPU3) NVIDIA Tesla K40 NVIDIA Tesla K80


Additional Server Machine(s) (Optional)2)

On each additional server machine you must run Jedox Web Server and Jedox Spreadsheet Server.1)

 Number of sessions  Resource  Minimum2)  Recommended2)
 for 10-50 concurrent sessions  CPU  Intel Xeon (4 Cores)  Intel Xeon (8 Cores)
   RAM  16 GB  32 GB
   HDD  100 GB  200 GB
  for 50-200 concurrent sessions  CPU  Intel Xeon (16 cores)  2 x Intel Xeon (10 Cores)
   RAM  64 GB  128 GB
   HDD  200 GB  200 GB
 for 200-500 concurrent sessions  CPU  2x Intel Xeon (10 Cores)   2 x Cluster Nodes with Intel Xeon (16 Cores)
   RAM  128 GB  128 GB
   HDD  200 GB  200 GB


Client Machines

Jedox Excel Client
 Resource  Minimum2)   Recommended2)
 CPU  Core i3 (2 Cores)  Core i7 (4 Cores)
 RAM  1 GB  4 GB
 HDD  1 GB  2 GB
Jedox Web Client
 Resource    Minimum2) 
 CPU  Core i3 (2 Cores)  Core i7 (4 Cores)
 RAM  1 GB  4 GB
 HDD  1 GB  2 GB

1) Jedox server components are:
  – Jedox In-Memory DB Server (Servicename: JedoxSuiteMolapService),
  – Jedox Web Server (Servicename: JedoxSuiteHttpdService),
  – Jedox Spreadsheet Server (Servicename: JedoxSuiteCoreService),
  – Jedox Integrator Server (Servicename: JedoxSuiteTomcatService).

To increase the performance you can use additional server machine(s). On each of them must run Jedox Web Server and Jedox Spreadsheet Server.
In this case, we recommend that you do not reduce the power of the first server machine.

Supervision Server and Jedox SAP Connector do not have exclusive hardware requirements.

2) CPU specifications are sample data, equivalent processors are also possible. Memory data means free memory.

3) Compute capability 3.0 or higher. For more details see https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus.

4) Virtual Network Interfaces are not supported